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 SMC - Specialty Merchandise Corporation

OK. SMC - Specialty Merchandise Corporation is a business that you could work from home, or wherever you are most comfortable, and make some extra income. Realize one thing, with any of these products or programs, you are going to need some Internet marketing skills, and a good size advertising budget to make this work.
I actually like the SMC program, product and overall look of the website, which is very important. The website you will be promoting is your only direct contact with the prospect in most cases, so I did like this one.
Guys, use this nicely put together affiliate program on the back end. What do I mean by that? What I mean is do not attempt to drive traffic right to SMC website. For starters, Google nor Yahoo, nor any of the big search engines will let you get away with promoting directly to a replicated, or cookie cutter website as I call them.
On top of that, the SMC program is a low ticket commission business. Anything under a $1000 to $1,500 commission level at least, is. For this reason, it will be best put to use by sending it out to your list a hand full of times. You will not want to spend valuable pay per click dollars in an attempt to strike it rich, promoting SMC. YOU WILL GO BROKE!
All these types of programs and products are low end commissions in my opinion, and that is not good enough to cover the kinds of costs you will have to spend in PPC to get the kind of traffic, and unique visits you will need to convert into sales.
Find yourself a good generic type capture page that belongs to you, or is hosted by your own hosting company, and start building a list of contacts with companies like Aweber, or Get Response. Then when you get some people on there, grab your SMC affiliate website link, and blast it out to your list as the best thing since sliced bread!
That’s Internet marketing in a nut shell. Hope it was helpful. By the way… the real key to getting tons of cash online is to at some point be offering what I call a big ticket item out to your subscribers. One that pays at least a $1,000 plus commission. From there, find some even bigger ticket pay out programs, and start to really grow your online income.

Out of all of the programs tested and money spent very few have added up to much. This one is providing a high full time income month after month. Click Here to check it out but please make your own choices. 

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